Landscaping is the profession of building outdoor spaces. A good landscaper will have sound knowledge of hard landscaping materials, building techniques and, most importantly, soft landscaping techniques such as tree planting, border preparation and planting of shrubs and perennials. At Rory Andrews Landscape Design we take time and care to select landscapers to put to tender, so that you can be assured of a good quality garden at a competitive price.

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The benefits of choosing a garden designer and independent landscaper to design and build your garden are more than just aesthetic:

Competitive Tender: Once you have a cohesive and detailed design for the garden, inviting a number of landscapers to tender for the work keeps the pricing competitive, so that you have options for pricing – something not afforded when considering ‘design and build’ firms. On larger projects, the pricing can vary by 10s of thousands of pounds between contractors, so having a wide range of quotes for detailed plans may in fact cover the cost of the design fees outright.

Complex sites: In order to compile accurate quotes for more complex sites, such as sites on many levels that will require engineering works or sites that require a lot of earth movement, a landscaper will often suggest instructing a garden designer to create a comprehensive design, followed by detailed drawings.

Two heads are better than one: A good landscaper will have the ability to take a garden design and add value to it, both aesthetically and from a cost-saving perspective. A garden design project is often evolving and design changes can be made once you have chosen a contractor; having the right landscaper will help to make the finished garden design greater than the sum of its parts.

If you feel that the project you are looking to undertake does not need the services of a garden designer, we highly recommend contacting landscapers who are accredited by an organisation such as BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries) or APL (Association of Professional Landscapers). That said, there are some unaccredited landscapers with comparable skills and experience.

Some of our trusted contractors who operate in Oxfordshire & surrounding counties include:

Thames Valley Landscapes
CJ Gardens
Tom Cottrell Landscapes
Oxford Landscapes
Allen Landscaping