Garden Design in Berkshire

Photography by: Mark Lord

Nestled near Newbury, our garden design set against the backdrop of breathtaking Berkshire views was an absolute delight to create. The project’s essence lay in a straightforward yet profound directive: to craft a harmonious fusion between the garden and its surrounding landscape while preserving and enhancing the captivating vista.

In this garden design project, one focal point was the replacement of an aged, dilapidated summerhouse. Our vision involved not just a mere renovation but a thoughtful redesign to ensure year-round accessibility. To achieve this, we crafted pathways leading to the new structure, allowing seamless navigation regardless of the season.

One of the standout features of the revamped space was the introduction of a steel-edged lawn, meticulously designed to be more than just grass. This newly fashioned lawn emerged as a sculptural piece in its own right, offering an artistic dimension to the garden’s landscape.



Expansive planting borders encircle the lawn and pathways, offering a diverse blend of herbaceous plants and sweeping grass drifts. This careful selection ensures an enduring structure that transitions seamlessly from late summer through autumn and into the winter months.

A key aspect elevating this garden’s year-round appeal is the intentional placement of asymmetrical clipped Yew domes. These distinctive features not only enhance the garden’s structure but also harmonise with the scattered trees dispersed throughout the surrounding landscape. Their strategic arrangement complements the organic flow of nature, contributing to the garden’s cohesive design.

At the base of the lawn lies a defining feature—an understated yet purposeful low Yew hedge. This hedge serves as a punctuation mark, marking the conclusion of the garden’s formal design. Beyond it unfolds a charming setting, where a meadow encircles a gravel terrace, creating a rustic ambience, perfect for unwinding with evening refreshments as the sun sets.

Nestled within this pastoral expanse is the summerhouse, thoughtfully ensconced amidst the meadow. Its presence is subtly veiled by meticulously shaped Hawthorn elements, adding an organic and enchanting touch to the surroundings.

Enhancing the vista within the meadow is a low ha-ha wall, strategically positioned to create the stunning infinity view that captivates and expands the perception of space, as showcased in the accompanying pictures.