Garden Design near Oxford

South Oxfordshire

One of the first garden design projects undertaken at the inception of Rory Andrews Landscape Design, this on-going and very fulfilling garden design project is situated in a lovely cottage garden in South Oxfordshire, close to Oxford. The brief was to completely rejuvenate all the existing planting borders, as well as linking the existing well and terrace together.

To do so, the steps and walls were centred off the well, with the addition of new paving (yet to weather in these photos), borders and structural planting. The step piers and box balls add great structure in the winter (as can be seen in the snow photos), whilst the planting was kept to a limited palette of whites, blues and lime greens, with accents of red/pink.

Rory felt deeply honoured to host his wedding reception in this garden’s former paddock. To seamlessly merge both areas, panels of fencing were expertly removed, enhancing the interconnectedness of the spaces.

In anticipation of the reception, 1000 Allium bulbs were meticulously planted across the meadow, promising a breathtaking sea of purple blooms for the wedding day. Mown pathways were carefully crafted, inviting guests to wander and discover the beauty of the meadow. A centrally placed mown circle provided a cozy setting for guests to relax, seated on hay bales and warmed by the evening’s log fire.