Garden Design in Warwick

We were instructed to create a garden design for this listed cottage in the centre of Warwick, as the existing space lacked charm and functionality. A circular patio by the kitchen led onto to a narrow lawn and a small patio, which made the garden feel elongated and cramped. To overcome these challenges and create a harmonious outdoor oasis, we focused on creating three distinct areas. By delineating these spaces, we enhanced the scale and proportion of the garden, making it more inviting and practical for relaxation and entertaining.


Shade Terrace

Replacing the tiny circle terrace with large-format stone created a more usable space. We left large joints between the stones, allowing the tiny-leaved Soleirolia soleirolii to grow through the slabs; embracing the damp, shady nature of the space. The terrace was then surrounded by borders brimming with ferns and other large-leaved shade planting, creating a lush, verdant aesthetic. Finally, the large north-facing wall was planted with a Boston Ivy, helping to soften and green the facade.

Lime Tree Copse

In order to break up the length of the garden visually, as well as add height and interest, we planted a small copse of Lime trees. These trees were chosen to reference a number of large Lime trees surrounding the garden. Also because Lime trees can be pollarded, this prevents them from shading out the garden too much. The variety we chose was Tilia platyphyllos ‘Rubra’, which has red stems that light up in the low winter sun.

A path of self-binding gravel weaves between these trees, leaving large borders either side. These were planted with successional colour, textural grasses and structural Yew topiary. The final element is a CorTen steel water feature that lends sound and movement to the garden.

Entertaining Terrace

Entertaining was very important to the client, so we needed a sizeable space for a large table and chairs that also catches the last of the evening sun. As the garden runs west to east, the entertaining terrace was located at the foot of the garden. Structural planting here consists of pleached pear trees that soften the view of the neighbouring house, whilst also providing spring blossom and Autumn colour. We clad the fences and walls with Clematis and honeysuckle, for seasonal scent and floral interest, then planted a mixture of part-shade planting around the extents of the terrace, including Astrantia, Hydrangea quercifolia and Erigeron daisies.

The overall effect has been to transform a small, one dimensional space into an enveloping green haven for wildlife and entertainment, including sound, scent and colour.